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Search enginePhraseCount
Googleold cars290.8%
Yahoo56 chevy 210 4 door sedan120.4%
Yahoo1951 international pickup truck100.3%
Googlehenry j100.3%
Googlemodel t ford90.3%
Googlestudebaker hawk80.2%
Googlehenry ford80.2%
Google1959 ford80.2%
Google1950 ford80.2%
Yahoo1937 buick convertible70.2%
Googlepontiac tempest70.2%
Googlemodel a70.2%
GoogleChrysler Airflow70.2%
Yahoo1960's milk truck60.2%
Googlewhite truck motorhome60.2%
Googlehudson wasp60.2%
Google1960 pontiac60.2%
Yahoopicture of 1948 nash50.1%
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