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Search enginePhraseCount
Googlego stats215.4%
Google 102.6%
Googletypes of graphs61.5%
Googleip finder
Googlehit counter51.3%
Bing.comwww.go stars,com41.0%
Googlewebsite statistics41.0%
Googlesite statistics41.0%
Googlefree web counters41.0%
Googlexy chart worsheet printable30.8%
Googlewebsite stats30.8%
Googlethe following diagram depicts the sky as it would have appeared to herschel when he first observed uranus in 1781, as well as the same part of the sky over the next several nights. label the indicated objects as stars or planets.30.8%
Googlelearning about different types of graphs30.8%
Googleinstructions for making graphs30.8%
Googleeasy website tracking30.8%
Googlebest free analytics software for websites30.8%
Sogou 网页""20.5%
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