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Search enginePhraseCount
Googlego stats193.3%
Baidu 网页free111.9%
Googletypes of graphs and sample problems91.6%
Googlewebsite stats81.4%
Googletypes of graphs81.4%
Googlewebsite statistics71.2%
Googlefree hit counter71.2%
Googlehit counter61.0%
Googlegraph types for kids61.0%
Googletypes of graphs and their uses50.9%
Googlewhat are the ype of grpah40.7%
Googletrack website traffic40.7%
Googlewhat does Thou shalt think about the social consequences of the program you are writing or the system you are designing mean30.5%
Googlewebsite traffic tracker30.5%
Googlewebsite tracking software30.5%
Googlewebsite stats free30.5%
Googlewebsite statistics software30.5%
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