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Search enginePhraseCount
Googlego stats264.3%
Googletypes of graphs101.6%
Googlewebsite statistics91.5%
Baidu 网页free81.3%
Googlewebsite stats81.3%
Googlefree hit counter71.1%
Googlehit counter61.0%
Googletypes of graph50.8%
Googlewebsite traffic statistics40.7%
Googlewebsite counter40.7%
Googlewebpage trafic40.7%
Googletraffic analysis40.7%
Googlegostats free40.7%
Googlebar graphs in data form40.7%
Yahootruyen ngan lang cua kim lan goi cho em nhung suy nghi gi30.5%
Yahooexamples of graph types for kids30.5%
Googlewebsite hit statistics30.5%
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