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Search enginePhraseCount
BearSharewzus1 search-results336.1%
Googletypes of graphs112.0%
Ask.comСара назарбаева101.8%
Googlego stats101.8%
Googleweb track50.9%
Googlefree hit counter50.9%
Bing.comwebsite traffic statistics40.7%
GoogleСара Назарбаева өмірбаяны40.7%
Googleweb statistics analysis40.7%
Googlehow many people visit my website40.7%
Bing.combenefits of each type of graph30.6%
Yahoo? www.rotary3020.org30.6%
Googleகுழந்தை பிறப்பு நேரடி காட்சிகள் வீடியோ30.6%
Googlewebsite traffic statistics30.6%
Googlewebsite stats30.6%
Googlewebsite analytics30.6%
Googleweb statistics30.6%
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