Search phrases — Building a shed from recycled wooden pallets

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Search enginePhraseCount
Googlepallet construction66.5%
Googlepallet storage shed55.4%
Googlepallet fence55.4%
Googlepallet bench55.4%
Googlepallet building 44.3%
Googlehow to make a chicken coop out of pallets44.3%
Googlepallet fort33.2%
Bing.compallet shed22.2%
Yahoowood pallet chicken coop22.2%
YahooPallet Outhouse22.2%
Googlepallet chicken coop plans22.2%
Googlediy sheds22.2%
Bing.comwood pallet clothing storage11.1%
Bing.comTony Utterback shed plans11.1%
Bing.comsheds made from pallets11.1%
Bing.comshed made from pallets11.1%
Bing.compallet furniture11.1%
Bing.compallet fence11.1%
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